Trainee Satisfaction Survey

Dear Trainee,

We value your contribution to EMTC and are committed to continuously improving the services we provide. Therefore, we kindly request your participation in a short questionnaire. Your valuable insights and suggestions have a vital role in supporting and enhancing our services.

Please be assured that all information provided will be treated with the utmost confidentiality and used solely for improvement and development purposes.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Survey Methodology:

To measure the satisfaction of our beneficiaries (learners/Trainers) regarding the delivery of training materials in an electronic format, we have developed questionnaires specifically designed for this purpose. These questionnaires are the result of extensive research and review from various stakeholders and sources. They cover several key areas of beneficiary satisfaction, as outlined below:

Training Management Focus (50% of questionnaire phrases and items):

This section aims to gather feedback on the user experience of our e-training systems, focusing on accessibility and ease of use. We seek to understand your impressions and experiences with the training platform to further improve its functionality and user-friendliness.

Training and Scientific Material Focus (50% of questionnaire phrases and items):

This section aims to capture your views on the advantages and disadvantages of providing educational content through e-training systems. We are interested in understanding any obstacles that hinder your maximum benefit from the content and, more importantly, your opinions and proposals for overcoming these obstacles.

Measuring Trainees’ Satisfaction with Training Management

    Measuring trainees' satisfaction with the company's training management

    Measuring the trainees' satisfaction with the training and scientific material