Intellectual Property Rights and Publishing Commitment

At EMTC, we uphold the utmost respect for intellectual property rights and publishing regulations. This commitment extends to our trainers, trainees, and staff, who are expected to comply with national laws, regulations, and policies set forth by official authorities.

All lecturers, trainees, and staff members are required to be aware of and comply with the principles of intellectual property rights and publishing rights as stipulated by the official authorities. It is essential to work following these principles and not to violate any of their provisions to protect intellectual property and publishing rights.

We are the owner or the authorized user of all intellectual property rights on our site and the materials published on it. These works are protected by copyright laws and treaties around the world. Therefore, all of these rights are reserved.

Please note that unless explicitly stated otherwise, the texts, exams, videos, images, and other educational materials provided in the courses on our website are intended for your personal use solely within the context of these courses. Some reference documents, digital courses, articles, and other information available on our website are sourced with permission from third parties. It is essential to acknowledge that the use of such information is subject to specific rules and conditions, which will be clearly stated alongside the respective content.
By accessing and utilizing our website, you agree to abide by these rules and conditions in their entirety. Furthermore, you acknowledge and agree to retain all publishing rights and other notices about any content acquired from our site. Please be aware that all rights to our website and its content are reserved unless explicitly granted to you.

You may print one copy of any page from our website, and you may also download it for your personal use. You may also share the content with other individuals within your organization.

It is essential to refrain from altering or modifying any printed or digital copies of the materials that you have already obtained through printing or downloading. This applies to all forms of content, including illustrations, photos, videos, audio, or any graphical sequences. It is important to note that these elements should always be used in conjunction with their accompanying text and not separately.

It is imperative to consistently acknowledge and recognize our rights, as well as the rights of all participants involved when composing content that will be published on our website. By honoring these rights, we demonstrate respect for the intellectual property and contributions of all individuals and uphold ethical standards in content creation. Thank you for your understanding and commitment to recognizing and preserving these rights.

Without obtaining a license from us or the authorized entities, it is strictly prohibited to utilize any part of the content posted on our site for commercial purposes. We retain the exclusive rights to grant such licenses, ensuring proper control and fair use of our intellectual property.

If you print, copy, or download any portion of our site in violation of these conditions of use, your right to access and use our site will be terminated immediately. Furthermore, we reserve the right to request that you promptly return or destroy any copies of the materials obtained through such unauthorized means.

Management of Intellectual Property Rights in Content Publishing:

The administration of the Center is fully dedicated to upholding the principles of intellectual property rights in the creation and dissemination of all training content on our website. This includes but is not limited to texts, images, programs, designs, and other training materials.

We take great pride in the meticulous design and development of our digital content, ensuring that it complies with intellectual property rights. This encompasses articles, programs, designs, photos, and various other elements published on the Center’s website.

Trainers’ Commitment to Intellectual Property Rights in Displaying Training Content:

The trainers who intend to showcase their training content on the EMTC’s website are wholeheartedly committed to upholding the principles of intellectual property rights and publishing. As part of this commitment, each trainer is required to sign a pledge and recognition model, affirming their adherence to all relevant laws governing intellectual property rights, publishing rights, usage, modification, and attribution.

Furthermore, trainers undertake to appropriately reference scientific sources and acknowledge the materials they have utilized in the development of their training content. In instances where a coach incorporates training materials that do not belong to them or fail to acknowledge the references and sources, they assume full responsibility for their actions in accordance with established regulations.

Trainers’ Commitment to Uploading Training Content on the EMTC ‘s Website:

Trainers understand that when they upload digital training content to the EMTC’s website, it becomes part of the repository of registered lectures, assignments, and other educational materials. They acknowledge the utmost importance of respecting intellectual property rights and publishing principles in all uploaded content.

Trainers further acknowledge that any training content they contribute to the site becomes the property of EMTC, which may utilise it for research or academic purposes. This ensures that the knowledge and insights shared by trainers can benefit the broader educational community.

EMTC administration emphasizes and explains the following regulations to all beneficiaries regarding publishing rights:

  1. It is strictly prohibited to publish any training content in a manner that is disrespectful, offensive, or harmful to individuals or institutions.
  2. The unauthorized use or reproduction of content protected by intellectual property rights is strictly forbidden. Permission or approval must be obtained before quoting or utilizing such content.
  3. Publishing any content that contradicts the prevailing religious or moral teachings within society is strictly prohibited.
  4. Spreading or promoting any content that undermines national unity, including racist, sectarian, or tribal content, is strictly forbidden.
  5. Publishing or promoting any content for commercial purposes, including advertisements or product endorsements, is prohibited.

Pledge to Adhere to Intellectual Property Rights and Publishing Principles

  1. All content provided for training courses on our website is the exclusive property of EMTC.
  2. Training courses provided by coaches are purchased from registered coaches, who possess the rights to publish them.
  3. We acknowledge and undertake that the content of the courses does not violate any copyright or any other rights of any party.
  4. We are fully committed to protecting intellectual property rights and the right to distribute digital content on our website.
  5. We explain our intellectual property policy to all beneficiaries of our courses by publishing it on the website’s use agreement page under the title “Intellectual Property Rights”.
  6. We undertake to examine all electronic development training courses provided to ensure that they are free of any intellectual property violations.