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(28) SAR295.00

This course trains healthcare providers in essential cardiopulmonary resuscitation strategies following sudden cardiac arrest. Course Duration: 4 and a half hours.

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(8) SAR890.00

Designed for advanced healthcare providers, this course expands upon basic life support training and covers additional heart-threatening conditions and strategies.

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(1) SAR820.00

Geared toward advanced pediatric healthcare providers, this course focuses on various resuscitation strategies specific to pediatric patients. Course Duration: Two Days

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(9) SAR890.00

Participants in this course will gain an understanding of trauma physiology and kinematics, along with improved assessment, diagnosis, and intervention skills for adult and pediatric trauma patients.

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It is a comprehensive course that helps us learn and apply skills related to adult trauma cases. This course is designed to cover the skills needed for pre-hospital emergency service providers.

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(2) SAR785.00

This course provides instructions on the construction, inspection, and safe operation of emergency vehicles, equipping trainees with the necessary knowledge and skills.

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Designed for the general public, this course teaches life-saving techniques and provides practical training on first aid procedures.

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