Technical Support Policy:

This policy outlines the general provisions related to technical support:

  • We are committed to delivering comprehensive technical and educational support to trainers and trainees throughout the entire training implementation period. 
  • For your convenience, we offer technical support through multiple channels. You can access support through our website. Additionally, you can reach out to our official support email at for personalized assistance. 
  • Our dedicated technical support team will work closely with you to diagnose the nature of the issue. Through effective communication and collaboration, we will assess whether the fault is related to software or hardware components.
  • Our knowledgeable technical support team will guide you in determining the appropriate procedure to address your specific issue.
  • We priorities ongoing and effective communication to address any problems or difficulties that trainees and trainers may encounter during their time on-site or throughout the courses.
  • We actively follow up on the entry of trainers and trainees to our site.
  • We have implemented a convenient feature within EMTC platform that allows trainees to easily issue their certificates.
  • We maintain close supervision and diligent follow-up throughout all our courses.
  • We priorities the security of our site and take comprehensive measures to ensure its protection.