Complaints and Proposals Form

We value serving the public and caring for our beneficiaries, and we are committed to transparency, quality, and effectiveness. As part of our efforts to continuously improve our services, we have established a mechanism for receiving and addressing complaints and proposals from our stakeholders.

To submit a complaint or proposal, please follow the steps below:

 1.Fill out the form with the necessary information, including your contact details.

2.Your complaint or proposal will be registered and forwarded to the relevant department.

3.Our specialized team will investigate your complaint or proposal by communicating with you if necessary.

4.If your complaint is validated, we will take the necessary measures to resolve the issue and inform you of the outcome.

5.f your proposal is deemed appropriate and aligned with our goals, we will study its feasibility and consider implementing it.

6.We will regularly review all complaints and proposals, analyze and study them, and identify opportunities for improvement and development. We will follow up with the relevant departments to ensure that the necessary actions are taken.

If you have any technical issues or need support, please contact our technical support team at:


Official working hours:

Sunday to Thursday, from 9 am to 6 pm

If your complaint is not addressed within 15 days of submitting it or if you do not receive a response, you have the right to escalate the issue to the National Center for Electronic Education.

How we handle proposals:

1.You can submit your proposal through any of the available channels. Please provide the necessary information and contact details.

2.We will register your proposal and forward it to the relevant department.

3.We will contact you if we need more details about your proposal.

4.We will study the feasibility of your proposal and its alignment with our goals. We will implement it if it is suitable and beneficial.

5.We will contact you to thank you for your valuable input.

If you have any feedback, please fill out the form below.